Health Challenges of Adopted Dogs & Puppies

We rescue many of our dogs and puppies from Memphis Animal Shelter. The shelter has one of the highest euthanasia rates in the country, at more than 80%.

Unfortunately, any dog coming from Memphis Animal Shelter, and most other shelters for that matter, will have been in contact with contagious illness. Even though the dogs have been in foster care and appear to be in good health, they may become stressed when changing environments and exhibit signs and symptoms of illness.

If you have other pets, they need to be up to date on vaccines before bringing a shelter dog into your home.

While we will take the adopted animal back if illness becomes an issue, we are not responsible for your other animal's vet care. We always disclose where our adoptable dogs and puppies have come from. Please ask for any information about the animals and exercise due caution if you have immunocompromised animals.

Reliable Links about Common Shelter-borne Illnesses

Other Common Health Challenges

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Be Informed

Ask questions about the health of any dog or puppy you may be considering bringing into your home. Read up on common conditions. Talk to your veterinarian for more information.

Dog's Food

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