I would like to take this holiday opportunity to thank our foster homes and volunteers. Most everyone has at least a full time job outside of their volunteer work and they put their own time and resources into helping the animals week after week.
Our hardworking team consists of Cindy and Jerry Russell, Julie Clark, Vivian Lowder, Cheryl Kent, Julie and Anna Russnogle,Sylvia Cox, Brandy Schroyer,Donna Watson, Mindy Rice, Robin Tate, Vanessa Muldrow,Barbara Van Camp, Amy Silberberg,Paula Cates, Lisa Jarrett, Brittany Sorensen.
Michelle Simkin does artwork for us and recently formatted the ad that appears this month in Thunder Roads July issue.
Robin Tate is expecting her first grandchild in August, her daughter and son in law are in Colorado. We have several foster moms who are traveling for the summer and boy do we miss them already! I would also like to express my sympathy on the passing of Jerry Russell’s mom recently in Ohio.
Again, thanks to everyone who sacrifices their time and love with so much going on in their lives everyday.


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