It’s not cheap running a rescue organization. In addition to fees that we pay to “spring” dogs and puppies from animal shelters, we also provide vaccinations, other shots, spay/neuter, and microchipping. For many dogs we pay for grooming. For all dogs we make sure they have regular heartworm prevention. And those are the regular and routine expenses!

Some dogs that we bring into rescue are heartworm positive and require expensive treatment. Others may have early-onset cataracts or other issues that, because of the importance of addressing them for the dog’s quality of life, we must address. None of these expenses are cheap.

The Wag the Tail Garage Sale is an annual event we do to raise money to help defray some of these costs. Here’s the details and how you can help!

Sale takes place Friday, Sept 21 and Saturday, Sept 22, in conjunction with the huge Countrywood Garage Sale. We go sunup to sundown, rain or shine at 2331 Carrollwood Lane, Cordova, TN. Click here for a map.

We need your donations of lightly used items that we can sell. Call or email us with your donations.

We need people to help BEFORE the sale as we price items.

We need volunteers to help the two days of the sale – it gets very busy and the more hands we have on deck the better we can sell all we have!

We need everyone who reads this to pass it on to your family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors so that they’ll donate or come shop the sale.

Details for calling/emailing to provide assistance of donations or time:

Cindy & Jerry Russell &

901-377-1731 & 901-834-0225

Our GREAT dogs and puppies will APPRECIATE all that you do to help them!

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