We have recently acquired some injured pets and had pets injured in foster care. We are in desperate need for fosters who can handle two special needs pets. Gayle is a three month old puppy who suffered a crush injury to her spine when she was dropped. She now has no movement in her back legs, no bladder or bowel control. Gayle is a super little girl who loves life. Her foster mom has rigged up some wheels for her to move about. We started getting acupuncture therapy for Gayle but have had problems transporting Gayle to appointments. If we could find a person who lives closer to Bartlett and has flexibility Gayle could get the necessary treatment and possibly regain some skills. She also needs three times a day therapy that simply involves moving her legs and rubbing her toes. Please contact Lisa at Ltrenthem@gmail.com or phone 901-276-7751.

Max is a precious 7 lb yorkie who was brought to us when it was discovered he has a broken jaw. Max is quite lively and we are treating this with pain meds and a diet that is totally pureed, which he is eating well. Contact Lisa at the above numbers if you can help.


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