Lisa Trenthem and the dogs of Real Good Dog Rescue want to take a moment to THANK all those folks that are keeping us afloat. Our life saver is the foster homes who house the dogs. I cannot thank you enough. We also cannot function without the adopters or the generous donors. I just want to especially acknowledge the volunteers who have stuck with me for a long time: Vivian Lowder, Julie Clark, Cindy and Jerry Russell, Cheryl Kent, Mindy Rice, Donna Watson, Lisa Barr, Paula Cates, Sylvia Cox. Thank you to those who have worked so hard for this rescue and have other things in your lives now: Robin Tate, Julie Russnogle, Ann Fritz, Betty Thorn, Michelle Simkin, Becky Gribble and Sandra Norvell. Thanks to some of our newest fosters: Joann Kim and Eliza Burrows.

I know I am leaving out specific people but look at the difference you have made in MANY dog’s lives. I hope you have a great holiday season!

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