Priss the Shih Tzu

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Priss was the beloved pet of a woman who suffered from dementia and failing health. Good neighbors stepped in and rescued the woman and all of her pets. Director Lisa was contacted and quickly agreed Priss was indeed REAL GOOD DOGS.

Like her foster mom, Priss ‘could lose a few’ (pounds, that is). When found by the neighbors, she was horribly matted. Thick mats blocked her vision (she sees perfectly with mats removed) and mats on her feet were so thick it was hard for her walk. Since she has had her ‘makeover’, she has been running and playing in her foster home with her best furry friends. SO, that tells you this girl has a LOT OF LIFE in her and is ready to take you to the dog park. Be sure to bring her stuffed squeaky toy! She is a PLAYAH. She loves other dogs, is cat friendly and likes children. Priss has all the right stuff to fit right into a loving active family life.

Priss, when she has worn herself out, loves lap time with her foster mom. She is extremely well balanced and a joy to have around. She clearly has been a beloved pet all of her life. Priss LOVES to ride in the car. When she was coming home from her first spa day, she ran all over the SUV as if to tell her foster mom that she REMEMBERED riding in a car and that she LOVED IT! Priss has been cared for by the same vet all her life and has no health issues.

Priss is:

  • A small (18#) female dog
  • About 10 years old
  • Walks well on leash
  • Up-to-date on shots
  • Heartworm negative
  • Spayed
  • Housetrained


If you are interested in adopting, have a look at our adoption website, read the online adoption agreement, complete the online adoption application, and submit it.

You may also access a downloadable copy of our adoption application that you can fill out on your computer or by hand (printable adoption application in Microsoft Word 2003 or Acrobat PDF).

If you are unable to adopt at this time, you may sponsor the care of this pet.

We adopt dogs from Memphis Animal Shelter when we can. The shelter has an 83% euthanasia rate, one of the highest in the country. Unfortunately, any dog coming from Memphis Animal Shelter, and most other shelters for that matter, will have been in contact with contagious illness. Even though the dogs have been in foster care and appear to be in good health, they may become stressed when changing environments and exhibit signs and symptoms of illness. If you have other pets, they need to be up to date on vaccines before bringing a shelter dog into your home. We will take the adopted animal back, but we are not responsible for your other animal’s vet care. We always disclose where the dogs have come from. Please ask for any information about the dogs and exercise due caution if you have immunocompromised animals.

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