Sparkles the Wirehaired Terrier Mix

Visit to read about Sparkles. If that link doesn’t work, read below:

Sparkles is an adorable, very playful and still a bit puppyish wirehaired terrier mix. She is loving and gives a lot of kisses. She is also very smart, going for a lap every chance she gets.

Sparkles is learning manners quickly – like to sit for a treat or dinner and with her foster mom’s help she is working on potty training. She is now using a puppy pad regularly. She loves her crate and crates herself. Oh, and she really hates that dog in the mirror!

Sparkles is:

  • A small female young dog
  • Loves her crate
  • Up-to-date on shots
  • Heartworm negative
  • Spayed
  • Is working on potty training


If you are interested in adopting, have a look at our adoption website, read the online adoption agreement, complete the online adoption application, and submit it.

You may also access a downloadable copy of our adoption application that you can fill out on your computer or by hand (printable adoption application in Microsoft Word 2003 or Acrobat PDF).

If you are unable to adopt at this time, you may sponsor the care of this pet.

We adopt dogs from Memphis Animal Shelter when we can. The shelter has an 83% euthanasia rate, one of the highest in the country. Unfortunately, any dog coming from Memphis Animal Shelter, and most other shelters for that matter, will have been in contact with contagious illness. Even though the dogs have been in foster care and appear to be in good health, they may become stressed when changing environments and exhibit signs and symptoms of illness. If you have other pets, they need to be up to date on vaccines before bringing a shelter dog into your home. We will take the adopted animal back, but we are not responsible for your other animal’s vet care. We always disclose where the dogs have come from. Please ask for any information about the dogs and exercise due caution if you have immunocompromised animals.

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