Funds Needed

realgooddogrescue on April 24th, 2011

Normal adoption fees RARELY cover our cost of spay/neuter, vaccines, parasite exams, grooming, preventatives. This year has been a very expensive year for rescue. So Far: 1) Treated 17 dogs for heartworms($150-$200 per dog in addition to normal cost of vaccinating, altering and parasite testing): Carlie, Chip(died), Nikki, Austin, Rommy, Buddy, Copper, Penny, Hutch, Tiger,Terri, […]

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ltrenthem on April 19th, 2011

We rescued Nikki and her daughter Snowball from living neglected in a back yard, being fed when someone remembered to leave food out for them. Nikki is a Japanese Chin mix and Snowball is the result of breeding Nikki to a pug.  Both dogs were heartworm positive and had been for at least two years. […]

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