ltrenthem on August 24th, 2012

We were contacted by a concerned citizen named Fran who walks her current pets daily at Audubon Park. She had been seeing this mother dog and two pups but the adult female would not allow close contact with the pups. After feeding them daily and gaining trust, Fran was able to apprehend the mother and one pup. The other pup was not seen that day. In one week, they seem to be crate trained, house trained, they are heartworm negative and gaining weight and good coat luster. We would like to place the pup and the mom in good homes; both are being spayed/neutered the week of Aug. 27. Jo Jo is the brindle male pup, about 12 weeks old. His mom is Shawn, a 35 lb pointer/lab mix. If you can help, please contact Lisa at

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We were able to vaccinate 21 of our foster dogs with Proheart, a form of heartworm prevention good for six months. This means when you adopt one of these 21 dogs they are good until next February on heartworm prevention.  These dogs received Proheart:

Andrew, Bella, Belle and Bentley,Bindi, Buddy P,Cuddles,Faith Hill&Tim McGraw,Gucci, Jesus,Minnie, Nadia,Penny, Peppy, Ralphie,Roxy, Ralphie,  Scarlett, Scruffy,Snuggles and  Tiny. Thanks to Dr.Jen Clay and the staff of Utopia for this protection!


ltrenthem on July 30th, 2012

Dusty is our 11 year old pomeranian who was returned from his home last October after a two year stay. Dusty was spotted by Andrew in Rockville, IL who drove here on SAT with his fiancé to adopt Dusty. His foster mom received this email yesterday “Hello Mom,

I have been a good boy on the way to Rockford, I slept the whole trip except when we made few stops to go potty. I met my new brother Schootch, who is really nice to me and accepted me into the family. I am sending you a picture of us relaxing on the couch this afternoon. I went for two walks already and it was so much fun to sniff all the new scents in this area. Talk to you later, I will send more pictures soon

Love, Dusty
Congratulations on finding your new home!

ltrenthem on July 15th, 2012

WOW! is the only word that will describe what a great adoption day we had today! Many dogs adopted, dogs moved to foster homes and a break in the hot weather. We missed photos on the first few adopters: Lacey, Freeman, Parker but we did manage to get a few shots in. Adopted today: Madelyn, Brady, Lacy, Freeman, Effie, Major, Alice and fostered to adopt: Marshall, Fozzie Bear, Buford.

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ltrenthem on July 8th, 2012

Anyone who knew Sandy Tummins was shocked and saddened recently by her totally unexpected death. Sandy was the brightest   person I ever met, always smiling and welcoming new  faces.

Just a short time ago Sandy adopted our Wally, a precious shih tzu. The Tummins family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations in Sandy’s memory could be offered to Real Good Dog Rescue.

I feel so honored that our rescue is the recipient of these gifts. Sandy was loved by so many, thanks so much to all of you who have chosen to honor her in this way.  I am sending individual acknowledgments but I would like to publicly express how  grateful I am to the donors and to the Tummins family.

Sincerely, Lisa Trenthem, founder of Real Good Dog Rescue



realgooddogrescue on July 8th, 2012

Rango is listed as a Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie, Terrier Mix. But who knows WHAT this boy is really mixed with, considering his larger than life HAIR!

We recently rescued Rango from the Tipton County Animal Shelter. He is a loving boy – as you can see from his pics. He’s about a year old, weighing about 20 pounds. He’s been microchipped, is heartworm negative, neutered, and up to date on all his shots.

If you’d like a great young, small sized dog that knows his doggie manners of sit and walk on leash, please consider giving Rango a try. Interested in adopting him? Visit our adoption page to complete an online application!

Please help Rango get his new home soon by sharing his pictures and story with your family and friends.

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Overall a great day at our 1st Saturday adoption event at Hollywood Feed 2015 Union Avenue.

We took lots of pics of our dogs. Below find some examples of many who attended today’s event.

Please visit our website at to read their stories and see more pictures.

Plan to join us at our next adoption event – Saturday, July 14, 12p-3p, Hollywood Feed, 4864 Poplar Avenue!

Click on any pic and it’ll expand to a larger one!


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realgooddogrescue on July 7th, 2012

Clint is a small (approximately 15#) adult (approximately 7 years old) long-haired Dachshund. He is so adorable with flowing greyish-black hair.

Clint was adopted by a family that had cats and other critters but no other dogs. He did well with the other critters, but seemed to yearn for a companion canine, as he’s always been with other dogs. So he was returned to us.

We are happy to find the PERFECT home for our sweet Clint. We took lots of pictures of him at today’s adoption event and are posting them here so that you can help us find him his forever home soon.

Check out his Petfinder Page here to see a video of him wandering around at the adoption event.

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realgooddogrescue on July 7th, 2012

We were at Hollywood Feed 2015 Union Avenue for our 1st Saturday adoption event. We’ll be posting new pics of several of our dogs in different blog posts. This post shares the adoption pictures.

Adopted today (or adoptions finalized today) include Turtle (her new name is Myrtle), Pokie, Bruce Wayne, and Lizzy.

More may have been adopted. But when this camera left, those were the ones that had left the building. I don’t know who’s happier in the pics below – the humans or the canines!

Plan to join us at our next adoption event and adopt YOUR new best furry friend!

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realgooddogrescue on July 7th, 2012

Brady and Lacey are 6 month old Shih Tzu puppies. They are adorable and dote on each other. You will have years of being loved by this brother and sister if you were to adopt them both. Really, one or two, seems the amount of work is the same but the amount of love is doubled! Have a look at their pictures. Brady is slightly larger and has a red leash and harness. Lacey is smaller, with a blue/green leash.

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