Special call for more fosters … immediate need!

We are always in need of foster homes. We have never found the situation where we had too many foster homes and too few dogs or puppies to place in foster care.

In fact, our ability to rescue more pets from shelters is limited first and foremost by the number of foster homes we have in which to place these great pets. If you are able, please consider opening your residence as a foster home to one or more of Real Good Dog Rescue’s great dogs and puppies.

If you foster, you would:

  • keep the dog or puppy in your home as an adopted pet
  • assist in getting the animal to adoption events
  • provide important information on the canine’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses

Real Good Dog Rescue maintains financial responsibility for the dog.

The great thing is, you can always choose to adopt your fostered dog rather than placing the pet in another home. We have more than one home who has reported happily failing “Fostering 101“!

If you are interested in adopting your fostered dog, you must complete the same process and pay an adoption fee as other potential adopters.

Visit our foster page to find out more about becoming a foster for Real Good Dog Rescue. Once there you can read the foster agreement that will clarify the responsibilities of a foster home. You will also be able to access the foster application form that you can download to your computer, fill out, and return via email. We hope you can assist us by fostering one of these great dogs / puppies.

Thank you for anything, big or small, that you’re able to do! Our great dogs and puppies, and all the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue, appreciate your support.

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  1. Holly DeLong says:

    Hey! ~ I am a stay at home, homeschooling Mom with lots of laps and love to share. We have our own four legged babies and we enjoy fostering puppies. We usually don’t take more then one or two but we sure love spoiling the babies! 🙂 If we can ever help please let me know. We live in Arlington and have plenty of room and time.~ 🙂 Holly DeLong 317.7714

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