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Our current (April 2011) plea for funds – we’ve incurred thousands of dollars in vet bills trying to help our rescued dogs – read more here.

Donate – We need your time, talents, &/or money

It costs a lot to rescue dogs and puppies. Rescue groups don’t have regularly recurring, predictable sources of income. Most of our “income” is from our own pockets as we work one or more full/part-time jobs. The costs of rescuing and caring for canines till they reach their forever home are not at all covered by regular adoption fees.

Monetary Donations Keep a Rescue Group Operational

Adoption fees barely cover the cost of routine vaccines, heartworm tests, and spay/neuter on our adoptable pets. When we rescue puppies or dogs from animal shelters, some require additional treatments, such as that for heartworm or even surgery.

We must pay these expenses when services are rendered. Also, when our pets require any extra treatments, we foster them longer, bearing additional expenses for their regular care. Read about the typical and extraordinary costs we incur here.

We are not always able to operate “in the black” financially, but your monetary donations help us avoid having too much overage on credit cards or carrying too much of a balance at the veterinary clinics who work with us.

We are ALWAYS in need of your monetary donations, given the costs we incur in doing rescue work. Please visit our donation page on our website to make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal.

Gifts of an Individual’s Time Make an Important Difference

Numerous activities are required to function as a rescue group. These activities all take time. Consider a typical day’s worth of things to get done:

  • Pick up new rescues from the Memphis Animal Shelter (or other area shelters)
  • Call new adopters to make sure all is well and the animal and people are a fit
  • Visit potential adopters’ homes to verify the home situation will work for the canine
  • Set up, conduct, and tear down an adoption event
  • Take a dog to the vet’s office
  • Shuttle a dog to the groomer’s
  • Visit someone who’s called in crisis because they need a new home for their pet
  • Mail adoption paperwork to adopters
  • Schedule new adoption and/or special events
  • Go talk with a class of students about the importance of caring for animals
  • Send thank you cards to donors and others who’ve assisted us
  • and on … and on … and on …

And the above list is merely a “typical” day in the life of a rescue group.

And all these things get done in the midst of volunteers working one or more full-/part-time jobs!

When we say we need your donations of time, we are serious! Click here for the online volunteer application that will get you officially on our volunteer list.

Your Talents could be just what we’re needing

Whatever your special talent, we could likely put it to good use in our rescue efforts.

Are you the creative sort? We could use some nicely designed personalized stationery and thank you cards. Our website could be improved. When we have special events or an emergency need for foster homes, we would have more success with better designed marketing and informational materials. We need a regular newsletter!

Are you the sort of person who loves social media and new ways of networking? We are on Twitter, Twitpic,, YouTube, and Facebook and could use more people to assist with those. We could really use more people who could showcase our adoptable dogs and puppies via movies and photography.

Are you an organizer? You could organize paper (file management) or people. We’re involved in many activities and there are a lot of people to coordinate. We also have a lot of people to thank on behalf of their efforts for our group. We could use people to organize these efforts.

When we say we need your donations of talent, we are serious! Click here for the online volunteer application that will get you officially on our volunteer list.

Our Volunteers Speak

The volunteers of Real Good Dog Rescue take their responsibilities seriously but have a great time working with other volunteers, caring for the dogs and puppies in our rescue, and interacting with the public. Here are a few stories from some of our volunteers.

Check out our Health Challenges page on our Website

Have a look at our website “health challenges” page where we describe in detail some of the health challenges experienced by our adoptable dogs and puppies and offer you some pictures of these sweet canines who have gone through so much.

Thank you for anything, big or small, that you’re able to do! Our great dogs and puppies, and all the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue, appreciate your support.

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