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Our Dog of the Week gives a story and additional pictures about one of our dogs or puppies who is looking for that special home. Maybe it could be with you? Or one of your family or friends? Please share this dog's story with others who have a kind heart for canines!

Introducing ... Layla

Layla has been in rescue almost one year. She is a poor misunderstood girl.

When we first got Layla, she was in a foster home in another county. She only came to one adoption event from this home.

Then, one day, those folks just moved away and left Layla and one other dog on the property to fend for themselves. For months Layla was in the company of one other large dog under the care of someone who babysat the property.

We were thrilled to find a foster home for Layla so we could "mainstream" her. This new foster home reported Layla was housetrained and played very well with the other dog in the duplex, a large male.

Unfortunately for Layla, though, she was exhuberant and overly friendly and too much for this newlywed couple in their first small space together.

Layla is eager to have someone who does not abandon her, but can love all 51 pounds of joy.

Read more about Layla.

Here are some pics of Layla. Isn't she an adorable dog?


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