Foster Agreement

This agreement reflects the commitment between Real Good Dog Rescue and a foster for a dog or puppy.

I/We (household residents) agree to foster ___________ (animal's name). We agree to provide a safe home for ___________ (animal's name) and treat him/her as a family member.

We agree to working with Real Good Dog Rescue to get the dog to adoption events on a regular basis.

We agree to keep this dog on a monthly heartworm preventive as well as flea and tick prevention. We understand that Real Good Dog Rescue will provide the heartworm and flea/tick preventive.

We agree to keep a collar on the dog at all times. We will leave the tag on the dog's collar that identifies the animal as belonging to Real Good Dog Rescue, and that provides Lisa Trenthem's name, address, and telephone number.

We understand that Real Good Dog Rescue will completely inform us of the known health history and disposition of the dog we are fostering. Even so, there are many unknowns with a rescued animal and we will be alert to health and dispositional issues that may develop while the canine is in our care. Should anything develop, we will notify Lisa Trenthem.

We will consider ourselves the "case manager" for our foster dog. We will keep all records for the dog together, along with notations as to the dog's name, date we started fostering the dog, any preventive medications given (along with date), and any vet care the dog may receive while in our care. We will keep helpful records for an adoptive family, to include type of food eaten, how many times/day the dog eats, whether or not the dog is housetrained, and other important details.

We will notify Lisa Trenthem prior to taking the dog for any vet care if at all possible. Real Good Dog Rescue has specific clinics and veterinarians we work with and Lisa will work with us to make sure the dog is taken to the appropriate place. If we plan to pay for the care ourselves, we can take the dog to our preferred veterinarian. If, however, we are unable to reach Lisa, need to have the dog seen by a veterinarian, and expect expect Real Good Dog Rescue to pay for the visit, we will take the dog to one of the clinics used by Real Good Dog Rescue. This list will be provided to us when we begin fostering.

We will ask the clinic for a copy of the documentation describing services rendered and costs. We will keep that documentation with the dog's records to be turned over to Lisa Trenthem and the adoptive family.

We understand

  • we are not responsible for paying for vet care while the dog is in our foster care - provided we coordinate any needed care with Lisa Trenthem prior to getting the dog care
  • Real Good Dog Rescue will provide regular monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventive medications
  • if we decide we wish to adopt the animal that we will be required to complete the Real Good Dog Rescue adoption application and pay the adoption fee

If we have questions about any of the above or if something unusual arises during the course of fostering the dog, we will contact Lisa Trenthem.

Fill out the foster application

  • Link to online foster application (in development) Till it's prepared, Contact Us with your interest in fostering

Questions about the foster agreement or the foster application?

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