Volunteer Spotlight

A lot of work goes into a rescue organization. It's nothing that could be accomplished by one individual - the group's founder. It takes a team to rescue as many dogs and puppies as possible from certain death.

Here we highlight our volunteers; those individuals without whom we could never function effectively. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and can visualize yourself as a future volunteer!

Julie and Anna Russnogle

Real Good Dog Rescue founder, Lisa Trenthem, writes...

Real Good Dog Rescue salutes our volunteers and their adopted pets! I cannot thank our volunteers enough, but would at least like to acknowledge the many hours that Anna and Julie Russnogle have devoted to this rescue organization. They also have given homes to our pets and made adoption a family affair! Read their story.....

Julie & Anna Russnogle's story...

As a single parent of a 7th grade daughter I have tried to encourage the importance to volunteer and care for others....being the care for animals in this situation. Anna is a wonderful child who cares very much for animals. She enjoys coming and giving up of her time just to play with the dogs; giving them love and extra play time. Her being at our adoption events also shows to others that the dogs are safe around children.

As for myself, I teach school at Germantown High School, Honors and IB Biology, I have taught school for over 20 years. These last few years in class I have tried to incorporate the importance of the knowledge of Animal Welfare. We have discussed the situation at our shelter and several of my students have written their research paper on Animal Shelters and their conditions. The students know that I volunteer with Real Good Dog Rescue and several have asked about adoption and one of my students has actually adopted through our rescue.

Me, personally, I have always had a desire to do something extra for those that can't help themselves...the animals of our world. I care very much for animals and find it offensive when others mistreat God's innocent helpless animals. I believe God gave us pets to love and care for and in return we get that unconditional love, companionship and memories for life.

A few years ago, my uncle and aunt had adopted a dog from Real Good Dog Rescue, now named "Rosie" she is a very shy dog but loves her new family. My uncle and aunt again adopted a happy little puppy ... "Fritz" who isn't little anymore....eats anything within reach and likes to sleep with Grandma who lives with the family.

My uncle told me about the group and how impressed he was. So I contacted Lisa and asked if I could help foster. Well, it went ok with the first dog, "Lex" but I found it very difficult to give him up. I decided to try and foster again. Well, my mom adopted that little dog...her name now is "Winnie" and she is very happy sitting with mom on the couch and barking at the horses in the pasture behind their house. Then Lisa had two puppies ....well, we just kept them for our own...."Mr. Whiskers" and "SuSu"....brother and sister. Couldn't decide on which one, so we adopted them both. We already had a dog "Peanut" and three cats....all adopted or strays. So as you can see I find it very hard to foster, so Anna and I have dedicated many satisfying hours to volunteer for Real Good Dog Rescue.

We have met many great new human and furry friends.

Here are some pics of Julie and Anna and their own as well as recent foster dogs.